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FREE Thermal Imaging with Every Inspection

Are you ready to buy your first home in the Salt Lake City area? Are you a realtor with years of experience?

No matter where you stand in the home buying or selling process, you deserve a home inspection that gives you the knowledge and peace of mind to invest with confidence. Having completed over 8500 inspections, Cowan Inspections Group is the most trusted name in the inspection industry since 2003 offering comprehensive property inspections and many additional services.

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ASHI Certified

Each ASHI-certified inspection is a meticulous, visual assessment of the accessible syashi home inspectionstems and structural components of your home and includes a free thermal imaging scan. The use of thermal imaging can pinpoint issues like electrical hotspots, moisture intrusion, and energy inefficiencies during a home inspection.

Cowan Inspections Group utilizes state-of-the-art thermal imaging during all Residential and Commercial Inspections, included at no extra cost, to provide the most comprehensive inspections in the industry.

Home Inspection Experience

Scott Cowan, owner and chief inspector of Cowan Inspections Group, brings over four decades of experience in home construction to each thorough home inspection. He knows what goes into the building of a home, from crawlspace to roofline, and how to find potential deficiencies that might not be apparent to an untrained eye.

Scott is certified by the most respected professional association for home inspectors in the nation, the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI # 243422), and he performs inspections according to their authoritative Standards of Practice and uncompromising Code of Ethics .

Inspection Reports

All inspection services come with a user-friendly, inspection report, available from any location on your mobile device or computer. The interactive digital report is driven by HomeGauge’s leading-edge, patented home inspection software.

Even if you cannot be present during your inspection to gain firsthand knowledge of your home’s condition, the expandable hi-res photographs, detailed descriptions and extensive use of video in Cowan Inspection Group’s reports will help you fully understand the findings. Cowan Inspections Group is always available to walk you through your inspection report and will gladly answer any questions that may arise post-inspection.

The report includes access to the Create Request List, which is an amazing tool for real estate agents and homeowners alike! The CRL is a unique feature that lets you itemize any issues needing to be addressed or create a list for future projects. For agents and buyers, the CRL streamlines and assists with mediation during a home’s closing process.

Whether you’re buying your dream home or wanting an honest evaluation of your vacation property, choose the quality and integrity of Cowan Inspections Group for your complete home inspection needs!

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Cowan Inspections Group serves the communities of Park City, Heber City, Salt Lake City, Kamas Valley, Morgan, Henefer, and surrounding areas in Salt Lake, Davis, and Weber Counties, as well as Evanston, Wyoming.