According to the American Pet Products Association, around 85 million families in the United States own a pet. Our animals bring companionship to our lives, but they also leave hair and dirt behind. To keep your home clean, here are 4 cleaning tips for pet owners.

Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners: Brush Your Pets

Dogs and cats are the most popular pets and they are also some of the furriest. Your pet sheds throughout the day, but you can get a head start on cleaning by brushing them every morning. Regular brushing won’t prevent shedding, but does reduce the amount of hair that you have to clean up. Brushing your pet’s fur is beneficial for their health and skin.

Clean Up After Going Outside

Pets trap bugs, leaves, dirt, and all kinds of debris in their coats. To keep this dirt out of your home, do a quick clean-up when letting them inside. Use a dry towel to remove loose dirt from your dog’s paws. Have a damp towel on hand to wipe off muddy paws.

Investing in a Quality Vacuum is One of the Most Useful Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners

Vacuums are a helpful tool when cleaning up after your pet. Vacuuming daily is one of the best ways to keep fur from accumulating. After you get home from work or right before you go to bed, use the vacuum on your floors and furniture. Invest in a vacuum designed for households with pets. You might also want to purchase a handheld vacuum to use in smaller areas, like your car.

Clean Your Pet’s Belongings

Your pet’s bed, collar, and toys easily become stained and smelly. To get ahead of these problems, clean your pet’s belongings regularly. Toys, leashes, blankets, and beds should be thoroughly cleaned at least weekly. Most of these items can be thrown in the washing machine. Many pet beds have removable covers, making them easier to wash.

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