You should easily be able to find your attire for the day in your closet. Ideally, it is an organized area for storing clothing and accessories. Closet organization can be overwhelming if your closet has become a mess. Here are some tips to help you transform your closet into a usable space for your clothing and accessories.

To Organize Your Closet, Begin by Emptying it

The first step in closet organization is to clear everything out. You need a blank slate to re-organize. While the closet is empty, dust the shelves, vacuum the floor, and clean cobwebs out of the corners. Put all of your items in one area, so you’ll be able to easily put them back into place.

Separate Items Into Piles to Keep, Donate, and Discard

Decluttering can be difficult because you want to hold on to things that you think you’ll need one day. Keep only what you know you’ll wear. Create a pile for those items. Your donation pile is for things that are in good condition that you don’t use. Anything that is torn or damaged beyond repair goes into the trash.

Create Categories for Closet Organization

As you hang things in the closet, organize by categories. Put like items together. This will help you when choosing an outfit. If you want to go the extra step, organize them by color. This is visually appealing and easy. Your closet will not only look great, but it’s also easier to find the piece of clothing you’re searching for. When things are just tossed into a closet, it’s easy to forget about some of the items you own.

Storage Solutions Help With Closet Organization

Closet organizers are a great way to create more usable space. Use a hanging organizer that attaches to the closet rod for shoes, sweaters, and accessories. Install an over-the-door shoe rack with pockets so you can stash shoes, scarves, or tank tops. It isn’t necessary to spend a lot of money on a closet organizing system. Use small bookcases, cubbies, and baskets in the closet for easy organization.

Closet organization doesn’t have to be daunting. Once you’re finished, you’ll feel relieved that you don’t have to sort through piles of clothing to find something to wear. When you buy new things, keep the area organized. Declutter every few months to keep your space neat.

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