To take the best possible care of your home, keep an eye out for these common home concerns. Early identification of common home concerns allows you to address them proactively, keeping your home in pristine condition.


Fungal spores thrive in moist environments, developing into mildew or mold. Ramifications range from unsightly black spots on the ceiling to health issues or allergic reactions.

Monitor the humidity levels throughout your home and use dehumidifiers if necessary. Use exhaust vans to ventilate bathrooms while the shower is in use. Laundry rooms and under-sink cabinets are other areas likely to be affected by mold.

Mold and mildew can affect you and your family even if you can’t see them. The first sign of an issue is likely to be a musty odor. If you identify mold in your home, you may need help from a mitigation specialist to eliminate the problem.


A pest infestation is one of the most common home concerns. Installing screens on your windows and doors is a good first line of defense against a pest infestation. Pests can gain entry where pipes or other fittings pass through the exterior wall of your home. Make sure these areas are tightly sealed.

Landscaping and woodpiles are two common sources of pests. Make sure no trees, bushes, or untreated wood come into contact with your exterior siding or foundation. You can eliminate some minor pest infestations yourself while others may require professional intervention.

Cracks in the Foundation are a Common Home Concern

The foundation of your home is only as secure as the soil underneath and around it. Anything that interferes with the consistency of the soil can lead to weight shifts and cracks in your home’s foundation.

Foundation cracks are sometimes evidence of a building settling over time and they could point to underlying structural problems. This common home concern can be addressed by measuring the length and width of each crack and monitoring them for changes.

If the cracks are wider than 1/10 of an inch or start to leak, they should be immediately addressed by a professional. Other causes for concern are horizontal cracks, large diagonal cracks, and multiple vertical cracks in a single area. If you notice a change in the opening or closing of windows and doors, schedule an inspection to rule out structural problems.

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