One contaminant that many people don’t think about when shopping for houses is methamphetamine residue. Just like living with radon, lead, or asbestos, it is harmful to your health to live in a house that used to be a meth lab. You may think this an unlikely circumstance, but it is more common than you might expect. Living in a former meth house can present serious health hazards to you and your family. If you are buying a house, order a methamphetamine contamination inspection along with your home inspection.

Are You Buying a Former Meth House?

A former meth house can appear to be in good condition but still have the chemical residue of methamphetamines in the air and on surfaces. Hire a specialist who has the tools to test for this substance to inspect and determine if the house is contaminated with methamphetamines.

The Health Risks of Living in a Former Meth House

People can experience a wide range of symptoms and health issues from living in a home that was used as a meth lab. One debilitating ailment that can be caused by exposure to methamphetamine residue is migraines. Respiratory struggles are also a common side effect, and some people experience skin irritation and even burns. Living in a meth-contaminated space can result in cancer over the long term and cause irreversible harm to children.

How to Protect Your Family

You don’t want to risk moving your family into a former meth house without having it thoroughly decontaminated first. You may already be planning to add radon testing, air quality testing, asbestos testing, and lead-based paint testing to your home inspection. All of these services help to protect your family from dangerous health hazards, as does a methamphetamine contamination inspection. When you cover all of your bases, you’ll be certain that your home is healthy and safe for your family.

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