Clean air is an important part of a healthy home and indoor air quality can often be improved. Installing HEPA filters is a great way to achieve better indoor air quality. These specialized filters are more effective at capturing airborne contaminants than ordinary household air filters. Purchase HEPA filters for your home to remove pollutants from the air you breathe.

Uses of HEPA Filters

Some facilities like hospitals and nuclear energy sites need the best technology to eliminate contaminants from indoor air. The HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter was developed in the 1940s to capture radioactive particles in the air. Hospitals use HEPA filters to keep pathogens from moving through the building’s heating and cooling system.

Allergy Sufferers Will See Improvements

Allergens in the home are circulated by the HVAC system. Using HEPA filters will help remove particulates from the air. These filters effectively trap allergens like dust, dander, pet hair, and pollen to help reduce allergy symptoms.

True HEPA Terminology

As you shop for HEPA filters for your home, you’ll likely see a wide variety of terms used to describe them. A true HEPA filter meets standards set by the Department of Energy (DOE). These guidelines require that the filter remove 99.7% of all particles that are .3 microns or larger.

Filters that meet the standards set by the DOE are labeled as “true HEPA” or “absolute HEPA”. Other products use technology that is similar to HEPA technology, but these filters only remove up to 99% of airborne particles. Terms like “HEPA-like” or “HEPA-style” will be found on these items.

HEPA Filters Have Many Applications

We typically think of HEPA filters in HVAC systems, but that is not the only place they are used. Vacuum cleaners and air purifiers may also be fitted with HEPA filters. In these uses, HEPA filters for your home protect even more against allergens and dirt circulated by moving air. With HEPA filters in the HVAC, the vacuum, and portable air purifiers, you have a great air purification system in place for a healthy home.

HEPA Filters Need Regular Replacement

The benefit of HEPA filters for your home is that they collect a large amount of dust and allergens. That is also their downside. When many contaminants become trapped in the filter’s fabric, the filter will clog and need to be replaced. Waiting too long to change the filter undermines the effectiveness and energy-efficiency of the device using it. HEPA filters should always be changed according to the manufacturer’s recommendations to keep the air in your home clean and healthy.

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