If you are working from home, you likely spend a good amount of time in your home office during the week. Here are 5 home office ideas to optimize the area so you can enjoy a tidy and functional workspace.

Home Office Ideas for Storage

If you don’t have a storage system for papers and office supplies, your desk will easily become cluttered and disorganized. Install some shelves to the wall of your office or add a bookshelf. Shelves can hold file compartments, binders, containers with office supplies, and even your printer. Consider what type of items your shelves will hold before deciding on a type. If you need to store heavy items, sturdy metal racks are a good choice.

Use Furniture on Wheels

You spend a lot of time in your office, so it is refreshing to change it up every once in a while. A desk and chair on wheels make it much easier to do this. Office chairs on wheels also make it easier to move around the room while filing papers or printing documents.

Try a Standing Desk

Rather than be limited to sitting in the same chair every day, consider switching to a standing desk. With this option, you’ll spend some of your time standing and some sitting down in an adjustable office chair that is the height of the desk. You can also find standing desk converters to use with your current desk and chair. Studies show there are health benefits of standing while working as opposed to sitting all day.

Home Office Ideas with Natural Light

If you have windows in your office, open the blinds and let the sunlight in. Natural light boosts productivity while artificial light can cause headaches. If there are no windows, add some lamps in the room with soft white bulbs that mimic natural light. Keep the overhead light off and illuminate your space with indirect light from lamps.

Neutral Colors

Light, neutral colors are known to be calming and stimulate focus. An office that’s painted vivid, bold colors like orange or red can increase anxiety and be distracting. Paint your home office walls a color that blends into the background. Light grays, pastel greens and blues, and off-whites tend to work well for offices.

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