If you’re planning to update your home, you’re probably excited to get started. Maybe you’re looking forward to remodeling the bathroom, creating your dream kitchen, or perhaps you are building a third bedroom. Understanding the condition of your home helps you make a better plan for upgrades. When undertaking major improvements, order an inspection before renovating.

Find Potential Problems With an Inspection Before Renovating

When you order a home inspection, a well-trained professional will examine every aspect of your property. He or she will look at structural components and inspect the systems of the home to verify they are working properly. Your home inspector will create a report that details the findings. He or she will list issues and safety concerns that should be addressed.

Prioritize Repairs

One of the main benefits of hiring a home inspector is to discover problems that should be repaired before renovations begin. Your home inspector can recommend improvements that need to be tackled before or during your updates. For example, if you’re planning to finish the attic and convert it into a home office, the inspector will point out any concerns that need to be addressed ahead of time. If the attic has aluminum wiring, your home inspector will note that and recommend upgrading the wiring to reduce the risk of short circuits and fire. You might be eager to install new hardwood flooring in the living room. However, if the inspection reveals damaged or rotting floor joists, these will need to be replaced first. Otherwise, you’ll have to redo the flooring again when the floor supports eventually fail.

Order an Inspection Before Renovating to Make Sure Your Home can Handle the Upgrades

Another reason to order an inspection before making major updates is to verify the house can support the renovations. If you’re building a primary bedroom, you’ll want to make sure the current electrical system can handle the addition. You may need to hire an electrician to add another circuit or two. If your home has a septic tank, it’s possible that you’ll need to upgrade the septic system if you are adding bathrooms. When adding another bedroom, you’ll want to make sure your current HVAC system can adequately heat and cool the space.

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