Want to clean up your entire kitchen in one shot? Follow these steps in the order prescribed, and we promise a speedier and easier routine for kitchen cleanup.

Kitchen Cleanup: Where to Begin

  • Tackle the counters first. Put away or dispose of anything that’s on them that doesn’t need to be there.
  • Run the water until it gets hot, plug up your drain, add some dish soap, and let the sink fill up. Place any items that need a good soaking inside.
  • Clear out your refrigerator and throw away anything that has passed its expiration date. Soak any used food storage containers in the sink. Starting at the top and moving down from shelf to shelf, give your fridge a good wipe down using a nontoxic cleaner.
  • Reach up high with a telescoping duster. You’ll be taking care of any debris that falls to the floor later. Make the sink your starting point for dusting and be sure to get it all, including the corners, your lights, above the cabinets, and the top of the fridge.
  • Spray down the inside of your microwave with your nontoxic all-purpose cleaner, and let it sit for about two minutes. Clean the outside of your microwave with a wet, soaped-up cloth or one dampened with white vinegar if your microwave is stainless steel. Wipe down the upper cabinets and anything else attached to the walls.
  • Return to your microwave and use a dry cloth to wipe off the cleaner.
  • Grab your cleaner again and spray the top of your stove. Leave it alone for now.

Make Your Appliances Shine

  • Take everything that’s been soaking in your sink and load up the dishwasher. No draining yet!
  • Using a cleansing wipe or your multipurpose cleaner, clean small appliances like your coffee maker and your toaster. Don’t spray the appliance; spray the cloth. Drip trays? Crumb catchers? Put them in the leftover soap suds and water in your sink, then rinse and dry them off.
  • Scrub your countertops. The type of cleaner you use should depend on what they’re made of.
  • Dip a cloth in fresh, soapy water and clean the doors of your refrigerator, the exterior of your dishwasher, and the oven. Use white vinegar and water instead if the appliance is stainless steel. For the tighter areas, use a soft toothbrush as your cleaning tool.
  • Take a dampened, soapy cloth to lower cabinets and drawers.

Finishing Touches

  • Now it’s time to drain the sink. Rinse it with hot water and buff to a shine with a mild abrasive and a microfiber cloth. Rinse again afterward and clean off the faucet.
  • Take out the trash. Before you put in another bag, use a cleansing wipe to clean the interior and the inside of the top.
  • Use a dry duster, like a Swiffer Sweeper, to sweep your floor. Make sure to sweep everywhere crumbs like to hide, like underneath your cabinets. Follow up with a mop—start at the corner farthest from the entrance to the room. Once you’ve finished, empty out your bucket of dirty water outside and then admire your work—you’re done cleaning up your kitchen!

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