An outdoor kitchen should have essential appliances including a sink, refrigerator, and a grill. It also needs cabinets for storage and countertops for preparation and should be built using weather-resistant equipment and materials. Your outdoor kitchen might be on a deck, patio, or a section of the yard. Here are 5 outdoor kitchen ideas that homeowners can use to design a perfect outdoor kitchen.

Outside Kitchenette

A kitchenette has a built-in refrigerator and grill and you can add counters, cabinets, and a sink. Homeowners can decorate the kitchen and add a TV to make it more appealing for friends and family in their free time. A kitchenette is an extension of the deck or patio that provides ample functional space for gathering outdoors.

Modern Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Those with modern homes often opt for outdoor kitchen ideas with an industrial look. Use a stainless steel mini-refrigerator, sink, and grill. A concrete countertop will work well in a modern outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor Fireplace

Adding a fireplace to the outdoor kitchen area makes it even more comfortable, especially in cooler weather. Consider building a backyard wood fire pizza oven for cooking in the backyard. A pizza oven is constructed as a brick dome with a cinder block or cement base.

Transform the Deck or Patio Into a Kitchen

A patio or deck can be the perfect entertainment spot, especially when it’s covered and protected from the elements. A pergola will define the cooking space, cover it, and can be used to hang lights.

A functional outdoor kitchen built on the patio should have enough space for cleaning, preparation, and cooking. Additionally, the kitchen can have a TV, ceiling fans, and a dining table. Large, high definition TVs are ideal for sports fans to watch their favorite games with friends.

Portable Outdoor Kitchen

If your property doesn’t have enough space to build an outdoor kitchen, opt for a portable version on wheels. A portable kitchen can be easily and neatly stored away when not in use.

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