Most of us understand how a Pre-Listing Inspection benefits sellers, but why are they so helpful for Real Estate Agents, Realtors, and Brokers?

Pre-Listing Inspection Benefits for Sellers

In short, a Pre-Listing Inspection is just like a Buyer’s Inspection, in that the home inspector will inspect the systems and components of the house for visible defects, which are described and often pictured in the home inspection report, except that a Pre-Listing Inspection is to be performed before a home is put on the market.

A Clean Home Inspection Report

If the home inspector finds only a few defects, minor issues, or nothing at all wrong with the property during the Pre-Listing Inspection, this is an extremely fortunate result for both the buyer and the seller — and for the real estate agent or broker, too. Just think of the marketing possibilities if the home turns out to be problem-free!

Pre-Listing Inspection Benefits for Real Estate Professionals

Of course, completely defect-free houses are hard to come by, but Pre-Listing Inspections are still enormously advantageous for Real Estate Professionals. We’ve listed a few of the reasons why below!

  • According to FREA, the Foundation of Real Estate Associates, Real Estate Agents are obligated to act in the best interest of their clients. This means that if an Agent doesn’t bring up the benefits of a Pre-Listing Inspection, the Agent could be held legally responsible for not saving the client both time and money. In other words, even discussing Pre-Listing Inspection benefits reduces a Real Estate Agent’s liability–and shows that the Agent truly is acting in the client’s best interest.
  • A Pre-Listing Inspection is much easier on the Real Estate Professional than a Buyer’s Inspection. Not only can the Seller make an appointment for the inspection at a time that is convenient for them, the Seller can also assist the home inspector if necessary during the inspection.
  • After a home inspection for a Buyer, a Real Estate Agent only has a limited time to make arrangements for taking care of any defective items or other issues discovered by the home inspector. Sometimes, this even means that a Seller is left with no other choice but to have to empty their pockets and pay the Buyer for future repairs. On the other hand, a Pre-Listing Inspection can make the transaction run far more smoothly because this 11th-hour rush to take care of repairs is non-existent.

No Surprises

A successful Pre-Listing Inspection means deals that are on the table are more likely to proceed hassle-free since the information from the Pre-Listing will have been made available to all involved parties and necessary repairs will have been fully disclosed or taken care of before the home was listed.

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