Fall has arrived and it’s time to start getting ready for cooler weather. With winter on the way, you want to be sure that your house will keep you safe, comfortable, and warm. Here are a few easy ways to prepare your home for fall.

Clean the Gutters to Prepare Your Home for Fall

Fall rain showers and winter snowmelt can wreak havoc on your roof if your gutters are clogged. Inspect your gutters now, while the weather is still pleasant, and take time to clear out the channels if they’re cluttered with leaves and debris.

Choose a warm day and have a friend or family member help by holding the ladder. Wearing gloves, remove the materials from your gutters using a gutter scoop. Next, use the garden hose to rinse out any remaining dirt and debris and to make sure water is flowing freely out the downspouts.

Drain Outdoor Faucets

Protect your outdoor faucets and your household plumbing by draining the faucets before winter. Turn off the main water supply to your outdoor faucet. Make sure you remove any garden hose that may be attached. Drain the hose and store it away.

With the water supply off, go outside and turn your outdoor faucet on to let any remaining water flow out of the faucet. Once it has been fully drained, turn the tap off. You might also consider purchasing an insulated cover to further protect the faucet through the winter.

Protect Patio Furniture

While your outdoor furniture is meant to be enjoyed outdoors, it isn’t designed to stand up to harsh winter weather. Before the temperatures drop, clean your patio furniture well and store it in the garage, basement, or in your backyard storage shed. If you don’t have storage space available, invest in furniture covers to keep your outdoor furniture clean and dry through the winter.

Prepare Your Home for Fall by Installing Weatherstripping

Adding weatherstripping around your windows and doors will help keep your home warmer this winter. There are different types of weatherstripping, but the purpose is the same: to block drafts and improve the energy efficiency of your home.

Install or replace the weatherstripping around your windows and doors. Weatherstripping is also available as a door sweep that installs between your door and the threshold to prevent air leaks under the door.

Have the HVAC System Serviced

You don’t want your heating system to break down on the coldest day of the year. That’s why fall is the best time to have your HVAC unit inspected by a professional. He or she will prepare the system by taking care of any necessary repairs and making sure it’s in good working order.

Seal Driveway Cracks

The cracks in your driveway may seem minor, but over the winter, water will seep into those cracks and freeze. Ice expands and worsens the damage. With a repeated pattern of freezing and thawing, parts of the driveway may begin to crumble. Purchase a driveway crack filler at your local hardware store. It’s easy to apply and will help protect your driveway from damage over winter.

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