Preventing Winter Plumbing Issues

Winter can cause big problems for your pipes since the plumbing in your home is susceptible to freezing and bursting. Winter plumbing preparation is an important task that shouldn’t be neglected. Read through this article for some tips on how you can prepare your plumbing for winter.

Make an Appointment for Water Heater Maintenance

You will want to discover any potential issues with your water heater before the winter season begins. Being without hot water on those chilly days won’t be pleasant, and servicing your water heater regularly will help you avoid problems. Hire a licensed professional to perform any required maintenance and give you the best advice on how to maintain your water heater.

Monitor the Temperatures

During wintertime, pay attention to the outside temperature and maintain a consistent indoor temperature to prevent major fluctuations in your plumbing. Prepare your plumbing for winter by keeping your cabinet doors open when the temperature falls below freezing. A slow trickle of running water will also help to prevent the pipes from freezing.

Shut Off Your Water If You’ll Be Away

Many families travel during the holidays. Turn off the main water valve if your house will be empty during winter to prevent plumbing problems when you are gone. It’s also a good idea to turn off your ice maker to prevent motor burnout as it generates more ice when you’re away.

Disconnect the Hoses to Prepare Your Plumbing for Winter

When it’s cold, water-filled hoses risk freezing. Ice can build up in the pipe inside your house if the hose is still connected to the tap, causing it to burst. All hoses should be disconnected from their faucets, drained, and stored safely away for the winter.

Insulate Your Garage Door

If you have plumbing lines running through your unheated garage, insulate the garage door to keep the space as warm as possible. Consider using a mix of heat cables and pipe insulation to keep it comfortable. When it’s really cold outside, place a portable heater in the garage when you are working in the space. Never leave a space heater unattended.

Prepare Your Plumbing for Winter by Inspecting Your Furnace

Your furnace is a critical element to keeping your plumbing in good shape during winter. If your furnace goes down, your pipes are at risk of freezing and bursting as the temperature drops. Have a professional inspect your furnace to make sure that it is working correctly.

Look for Areas of Pipe That Are Bulging

Examine any exposed pipes for bulges, places where water has frozen in the past and damaged the pipe, causing a bulge. If you spot any, that pipe has been weakened and should be replaced. Call a professional plumber right away to make repairs in preparation for winter.

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