After accepting an offer when selling your home, you’ll need to get ready for the buyer’s home inspection. You want the inspection to go smoothly, so take these steps to get ready for a home inspection and make it easier for all involved.

Getting Ready for a Home Inspection

1. Check the Roof

Problems with the roof will be noted in the home inspection report and may be seen as a red flag by the buyer. Fix any known roof leaks in advance. If you have a few shingles that are missing or damaged, replace them. Clean the gutters and patch any holes in them. If the guttering or downspouts are loose, secure them.

2. Make All Areas of Your Home Accessible

All areas that need to be inspected should be accessible at the time of the inspection. If a certain area can’t be inspected, it will slow down the whole process. The buyer will likely want to schedule another time for the inspector to come back once you have unlocked the area or moved things out of the way.

They might also suspect that you are hiding some issues if the inspector is unable to check an area or component of your home. To avoid doubts, make sure critical areas such as the basement, attic, furnace room, and under the sink are easily accessible.

3. Keep the House Clean and Ready for a Home Inspection

One of the easiest ways to get ready for a home inspection is to keep all rooms and systems clean and tidy. A clean house is easier to inspect and looks better in the inspection report’s photos.

While cleanliness has nothing to do with inspection results, a messy house may leave the buyer with a poor impression. It sends the message that essential systems were not taken care of and your home is not well-maintained.

4. Fix the Running Toilet

Does your toilet run long after flushing? This will be noted on the inspection report. Fixing a running toilet isn’t difficult or expensive. All you need to do is visit a nearby hardware store and buy replacement parts.

5. Replace Burnt Out Lightbulbs

When a light won’t turn on, it could be faulty wiring or a blown bulb. To avoid any assumptions or questionable details in the inspection report, replace all bulbs that are out so all of your lights work when tested.

6. Check Your Doors to Get Ready for a Home Inspection

Walk around your home and inspect all doors. All interior and exterior doors should securely latch into the frame with ease. All locks should be functional and doorknobs in place.

Warm weather can make doors expand, especially those that are rarely used. Doors that stick can also be the result of a termite infestation, so it is best to make sure all your doors open and lock easily. Otherwise, the inspector might recommend another inspection for wood-destroying insects.

7. Replace the HVAC Filter

Replacing the HVAC filter is a smart move to get ready for a home inspection. A filter collects dust and allergens that circulate through the home. An experienced home inspector can quickly tell if the heating system hasn’t been maintained. A dirty filter suggests that you haven’t been following the manufacturer’s recommendations for your HVAC system.

8. Clear the Perimeter

The home inspector will review the interior and exterior of your property. Clear the perimeter of anything blocking the foundation, siding, or windows. It isn’t the inspector’s job to move bulky items out of the way.

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