Everything from the air we breathe to the products we choose to use in and around the home affects our well-being. If you’re committed to making a safe and healthy home, first take a look at the items you’re using in your household.

Create a Safe and Healthy Home

Use these ideas and products to create a safer, cleaner home for your family. The following five tips detail ways to make the air in your home healthier.

1. Use an Air Purifier in Your Home

An air purifier removes pollutants from the home and reduces the number of fine particulates that you inhale. Invest in a high-quality purifier to help reduce allergy-type symptoms and asthma by making your air cleaner. Air purifiers are designed to filter out different types of particles. Have the air in your home tested to help determine the best purifier for your family.

2. For a Safe and Healthy Home, Burn Soy Candles

Homeowners who enjoy scented candles should switch to natural soy candles. Paraffin wax candles emit hazardous chemicals that may lead to health issues like allergies, asthma, and even cancer. By switching to vegetable-based soy candles, you’ll make your home smell pleasant without exposing yourself to harmful petroleum products and chemical scents.

3. Limit Use of Chemical-Based Products

Chemicals are found in many popular cleaning products. These toxic chemicals have been linked to serious health problems. Fortunately, all-natural products are just as effective at cleaning as their popular chemical-based counterparts. These natural cleaners use plant-based products and essential oils to provide a deep and thorough clean.

4. Plant a Garden for a Safe and Healthy Home

Another way to create a safe and healthy home is to plant a garden in the backyard. By planting trees around the property, you’ll help filter out air pollution as the trees work to remove greenhouse gases and carbon dioxide from the air. If you have space, plant fruits, vegetables, and herbs to enjoy all-natural food from your property.

5. Eliminate Dust

Dust accumulates quickly and easily around the home. Whether it’s on the furniture, in corners of a room, or building up on the bookcase, dust can cause serious issues like asthma and allergies. To combat dust, vacuum often, and launder your curtains and bedding regularly.

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