Whether you decked out your home with just a few simple pieces or turned your house into an elaborate winter wonderland overnight, it won’t be long before the decorations need to come down. However, taking them down can be more hazardous than expected if it isn’t done correctly. Check out these six tips to safely remove holiday decorations this season.

Safely Remove Holiday Decorations: Have the Right Supplies On-Hand

Before diving into taking down any decorations, ensure you have all the right supplies. You’ll need a stable ladder for those hard-to-reach places, such as high ceilings or walls. Gloves and safety glasses are also essential so that no one gets hurt while removing decorations.

Take All Lights Down Carefully

When taking down lights, handle them with care, as they can be fragile and break easily. Always make sure that you are unplugging the lights before handling them and remove them slowly, checking for any damage or signs of wear. Throwing them into a box or bag can cause the lights to break and become tangled, so store them in an individual container for next year.

Safely Remove Holiday Decorations: Take Trees Down with Caution

If you have an artificial tree that you’re taking down, remove all the decorations before carefully folding it up. Keep the assembly directions in the box, so you know how to take the tree apart correctly each year. If it’s a real tree, use gloves while moving it outside and cut it into smaller pieces to make transporting and disposal easier.

Secure Fragile Decorations

Fragile ornaments made from glass or ceramic should be secured in bubble wrap or festive tissue paper to protect them during removal and storage. This will help ensure they remain safe throughout the year so you can enjoy them again next holiday.

Have Help Lifting

Taking down larger decorations can be a two-person job since they can be heavy. Have a friend help you when it comes to lifting heavy or awkwardly shaped items. This will ensure that the decorations are safely taken down and won’t cause any injury.

Double-Check Electrical Cables Before Storage

Before putting any holiday-related electrical cables away, double-check them for any damage or fraying. Dispose of any damaged cables responsibly and have a professional inspect them if unsure.

These six tips can help make taking down your holiday decorations a breeze. Keep these in mind, and have a safe and happy holiday season.

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