Not all major problems with homes are obvious to homeowners. However, if you know what to look for, you may be able to identify potential issues before they become worse. Below are 3 small signs that your house has a big problem.

1. Blemishes on the Wall are Small Signs That Your House Has a Big Problem

Whether you buy an old home with a few wall blemishes, or you suddenly notice a change in color or paint bubbles on your painted wall, it’s important to investigate what caused the problem. The worst mistake many homeowners make is assuming small signs aren’t a big deal.

There’s a good chance that bubbles or peeling paint are caused by moisture behind the wall. A slow leak in a pipe within the wall could be seeping through the drywall and affecting the paint. Where there’s moisture, there’s often mold.

Once mold begins growing in a home, it spreads quickly and can cause thousands of dollars in damage. By investigating and correcting the problem as soon as you notice a blemish in the paint or a change in the walls, you can begin working on a solution to mitigate the problem.

In this instance, recognizing small signs that your house has a big problem could save thousands of dollars in home repair.

2. Tiny Piles of Sawdust

Have you ever enjoyed an evening on the porch and noticed a tiny pile of sawdust on the ledge or near the stairs? If you have, you probably didn’t think much of it. However, this is a common sign of a carpenter bee infestation.

It might not seem like a serious issue, but if left unaddressed, a carpenter bee infestation can have expensive consequences. Carpenter bees burrow into the wood and build long lines that weaken structures.

If you notice the piles of sawdust early enough, you can take preventative measures to eliminate the bees and repair damage before it gets worse. One simple way to get rid of these pests is to build a carpenter bee trap.

3. Small Signs That Your House Has a Big Problem with the Foundation

Do your windows stick when opening and closing them? If so, this could be a seemingly small sign that your house has a big problem. A foundation problem causes shifts in your home that may affect its structure.

First, a window won’t open or close easily, and next, you might notice a door hangs differently than it once did. If you notice both of these things happening, you might blame it on the weather, but it could also mean the foundation around your house is shifting or that there is a termite infestation.

Another sign that your house may have a foundation problem is slanting floors. If ignored, these small signs that your house has a big problem could lead to your home being structurally unsound and unsafe to live in.

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