The weather is getting warmer, so many homeowners are preparing their property for nice weather and more time outside. Most people have a spring cleaning routine that includes the basics, like vacuuming and dusting, but there are many spots that even thorough homeowners may neglect. Here are some commonly overlooked places for your spring cleaning checklist.

Clean the Pantry

There’s a good chance you clean your pantry when you put new groceries away, but that is not the same as a thorough spring cleaning. To deep-clean the pantry, empty everything. Sort through the food and dispose of anything expired, donate anything that is not expired but no longer to your taste, and set aside anything that will be placed back into the pantry.

Vacuum the floor and clean every shelf to remove food crumbs and packaging debris. Thoroughly sweep and mop the floor, and check for signs of pest activity. When you clean the space carefully, you have the opportunity to reorganize and restock your pantry items in a completely spotless area.

Don’t Forget Trash Cans During Spring Cleaning

While most of us use our garbage cans multiple times a week, we don’t clean them very often. During your spring cleaning routine, deep clean the garbage cans. When the trash bins are empty, place an antibacterial solution inside and allow it to soak for a few hours. After rinsing, give the trash cans time to air dry completely before using them again.

Go Through Your Medicine Cabinets

One of the hazards in homes, other than chemical cleaning products, is prescription medication. Many homeowners have expired and unused medicines in bathroom cabinets. Check the expiration dates on all over-the-counter and prescription medications during your spring cleaning. If you need to dispose of pharmaceuticals, turn them into a pill collection facility, like a local drug store. Never flush medications down the toilet into the water supply.

Spring Cleaning: Dust the Cabinets

Most of us don’t pay attention to the tops of our cabinets, which means that they can become very dusty and dirty. As you complete your spring cleaning checklist, take time to dust the tops of cabinets, the trim above doorways, and tall furniture like bookshelves. After dusting them, use a clean microfiber cloth and multi-surface spray to finish the cleaning process.

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