No matter how long you have owned your home, there are seven easy-to-use tools every homeowner should have. Whether you are just putting together your toolbox or adding new items, this list of useful tools will set you up for most home repair and maintenance tasks.


Whether hanging pictures, repairing baseboards, or building something new, a hammer is an essential tool in your home. While hammers do come in different sizes, you may not know the exact project you need one for. Opt for a heavyweight, medium-size hammer as a basic for your toolbox.

Tape Measure

This item is non-negotiable and is truly an easy-to-use tool every homeowner should have. Even if you do not plan on doing a ton of home repairs, you will be measuring spaces for furniture and appliances, room sizes for carpets or rugs, and the area where you want to mount your television.

Screwdrivers are Tools Every Homeowner Should Have

Having a variety of screwdrivers at the ready is essential for small jobs like changing outlet covers, installing smoke detectors, or tightening drawer knobs. A screwdriver set even comes in handy when changing batteries on electronics. Make sure the set you purchase has a variety of sizes including flat and Phillips-head tips.

Power Drill

With a power drill in your toolbox, you will be more than ready for whatever home improvement project comes your way. If you opt for a battery-powered drill, make sure you have a backup battery so you won’t have to stop in the middle of a project to charge it. Choose a drill that is comfortable to hold and simple to use.

Extension Cord

Every homeowner should have an extension cord in the toolbox, as it is so versatile. You can use it to light up an outdoor space, plug in your drill, or provide power to a space that doesn’t have an outlet. Having more than one extension cord available is a great idea because they will come in handy around the house.

Tools Every Homeowner Should Have: Stud Finder

Without a stud finder, you may cause damage to your walls when trying to safely hang a picture. This tool makes finding studs behind a wall simple so that you can securely install pictures and shelves. This device also comes in handy for demolition because you can detect where support beams are and how far apart your studs are placed.


While this is a bigger ticket item that does take up more room, you will be glad to have a ladder on hand. Whether you are trying to reach the ceiling for painting, or need to access the roof to clean gutters, a sturdy ladder is essential to every homeowner.

Tools Every Homeowner Should Have in Their Toolbox

With this list of seven easy-to-use tools every homeowner should have, your toolbox will be ready for whatever home improvement projects you decide to tackle. These tools make it easy to get started on projects and handle minor repairs around your home.

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