There are many upgrades that can help to make your home healthier. Many people don’t think about the hazards in a house that can cause illness and allergies. Here are 7 upgrades for a healthier home.

Use Natural Cleaning Products

Use natural cleaning products to promote a healthier atmosphere. Many cleaning products put off unhealthy fumes, which could be dangerous if inhaled too often over time. Volatile organic compounds are emitted from commercial household cleaners that can irritate your respiratory system, cause headaches, and prompt nausea. Make your own cleaners with baking soda, water, vinegar, and essential oils, or buy eco-friendly brands that are labeled VOC and phthalate-free.

Upgrades for a Healthier Home: Install a Water Filter

A home’s tap water typically has some contaminants that can be filtered out to make it healthier. Water may have chemicals like chlorine and fluoride, metals like lead, and environmental pollutants like pharmaceutical residue and pesticides. Have your water tested and then install an appropriate water filter that removes the type of contaminants present. Your family drinks tap water every day, so its quality has a direct effect on their health.

Soundproofing Upgrades for a Healthier Home

Soundproofing your home helps your family members sleep better, which is important for health. When you can hear family members in other parts of the home, you are less likely to get a good night’s sleep. Studies show that not getting enough sleep can contribute to high blood pressure and heart disease.

House Plants Can Make Your Home Healthier

House plants naturally purify the air by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. However, if you don’t care for them properly they can make the home unhealthy by growing mold. Give them the correct amount of water and sunlight to keep the soil from being too damp. Also, research which types of plants are non-toxic if you have kids and pets.

Use a HEPA Vacuum

HEPA filters capture tiny particles like dust and pollen that can be harmful, especially to those who suffer from allergies or asthma. HEPA vacuums remove particles that are smaller than an average vacuum does, improving air quality.

Add a HEPA Air Purifier in the Bedroom

HEPA filters can remove 99% or more airborne particles that may be present inside your home environment, including dust, pollen, pet dander, and smoke. Studies have shown that putting a HEPA filter in your bedroom can improve sleep quality by reducing symptoms like snoring.

Change HVAC Filters on Time

If you have a central air conditioning or heating system, it’s crucial to regularly replace the filter. The filter should be changed according to manufacturer’s recommendations and replaced as often as needed for best results. A clean filter can capture up to 95% of particles in the air, like pollen that can cause allergic reactions.

Upgrading your home to be healthier can improve the quality of life for everyone living in it.

If you are experiencing allergy symptoms, contact Cowan Inspections Group and schedule our Air Quality Testing service. We can help you make your home healthier!